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SDN Technology

MTI Systems has extensive experience in applying and adapting Software Defined Networking (SDN) technology in space systems and cybersecurity applications. We build, test, and deploy networks and components including customized SDN switches and controllers, and have been instrumental in the creation of Temporospatial SDN for aircraft, satellite, and other moving systems.

Machine Learning Systems

MTI Systems has extensive background in machine learning, with employees at the PhD level in artificial intelligence, electrical engineering, computer science, and related fields.

Cyber Security

Providing Best Practice Cyber Security Services for Risk Analysis, Penetration Prevention, and Multi Layered Network Security Check Points.

Systems Engineering

We provide systems engineering services which include requirements development and management, systems architecture development, concept of operations design, verification and validation analysis, development of test procedures, and model-based systems engineering expertise.

Software Engineering

We provide software development services to include: data structure and analysis, conceptual and strategic planning, trial testing, debugging, security structuring and implementation of the end solution.

Hardware Engineering

We offer services in: Information Technology (IT) Network Security, Infrastructure design development and installation, Remote Network Support and other mission critical areas.

Experts in Temporospatial SDN, we have built custom controllers, as well as enhancing traditional SDN control plane protocols like OpenFlow and BGP. We have innovated in the use of SDN0based approaches to mitigate Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks under contract to the Department of Homeland Security, and developed Temporospatial SDN controller software to build networks of air and space vehicles with wireless and dynamic links, not supported by traditional SDN solutions.

Our Specialty is in analyzing customer needs in order to identify the most effective ways to offload or enhance human labor with machine intelligence. We developed a novel system for large space communications network link and path scheduling and routing applying machine learning techniques and customizing and improving on an academic algorithm for one of our customers. We are uniquely qualified in applying machine learning not only in high performance computing environments with massive capabilities, but also in tailoring algorithms and implementation s for low end, embedded mobile devices, such as sensors, satellites, and Internet of Things applications. We participate in industry groups and research forums at the forefront of machine learning.

Program Management is the process of managing several related projects, often with the intention of improving an organization's performance. In practice program management is often closely related to systems engineering, industrial engineering, change management, and business transformation. In the defense sector, it is the dominant approach to managing very large projects. Because major defense programs entail working with contractors, it is often called acquisition management, indicating that the government buyer acquires goods and services by means of contractors. MTI Systems has extensive experience coupled with a knowledgeable staff of scientists, engineers, programmers and technicians with hands on experience in managing and solving complex problems. This often requires development and implementation of new processes and methodologies that are necessary to achieve the final optimum solution. Please feel free to drop us an email to discuss how we can help your organization in meeting or exceeding you engineering or business challenges.

Today's cyber world is fraught with peril and danger from nation and state and novice bad actors. Threats ranging from malware loading by unsuspecting end users to clever frontal attacks by sophisticated hackers wherein IP address schemes are spoofed to gain access will confront us on a regular basis. Our team of certified and credentialed security and network engineers stand ready to protect your IT systems. From security architectural design to vulnerability scanning and penetration studies, MTI Systems provides the gambit of security services to our government and commercial partners.

Why Choose MTI Systems?

The key to our success is that we embrace collaboration, welcome challenges and demand that our engineers, developers and project managers work closely and directly with our clients to ensure positive results.


We realize that you and your team are experts in your field and that you may have mandated requirements, concepts and existing processes and procedures that need to be addressed, followed or implemented in order to meet your engineering and business needs. We can help in these areas. Many of our clients have called on us to solve their complex engineering problems. These may include custom software development involving cyber security, artificial intelligence and learning machine languages, database development or network integration services. Whatever the case we proceed with innovative approaches working with your management and engineering teams to come up with the right plan.


As in anything in life, motivation is the key to success. Let's face it, without motivation there would be little or no interest in achieving the goals we set out to achieve.

Our team of developers and engineers and managers are all highly skilled in their specific areas of expertise and those skills they posses the confidence and motivation necessary to accept even the most challenging projects. Their energy levels are contagious and transferable to your team members as well. Working directly with your management or engineers together we strive to keep the project on budget and on time.


Keeping abreast of latest developments and innovations in software designs, hardware and network security technologies is a fundamental requirement of a growing successful organization. MTI Systems can work with your management, technical and engineering teams to ensure that your company is on track and on task to remain competitive with valuable accurate and secure analysis, testing, integration and implementation of your processes and procedures. Keep your organization ahead of your competitors and at the top of the technology curve. Contact us now to discuss how we can assist.


If you are in your 40's think back of the cars that were being produced in the 80-90's. Now do a comparison of the latest 2021 models that are being manufactured today. These new vehicles include features like LANE GUIDANCE, SYSTEMS, GPS NAVIGATION SIDE and REAR SENSORS and tons of other electronic features that we thought were only available in the latest military technology back in the 80-90's. Today these high technology features are common places. THAT IS EVOLUTION! Be part of this evolution, our designers and developers have the experience and knowledge to help keep your company evolving.

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MTI Systems is a privately held company, located in the high technology Beltway area of Washington DC. Since our inception we have been providing advanced engineering design and consulting services to high technology organizations and branches of the federal government. We are a certified Woman-Owned Small Business with a DCAA approved accounting system and top secret facility clearance.

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