The Connectivity Dilemna

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, reliable communication is paramount across various sectors. Space missions, military operations, healthcare facilities, financial institutions, and numerous other industries all grapple with the challenge of maintaining seamless connectivity in dynamic environments. Interruptions, downtime, and security threats can disrupt critical operations and jeopardize mission success and safety.

Introducing FlowAgility™

Unlike traditional network routing technology, FlowAgility™ is designed to address the unique demands of per-flow redundant and highly available routing within mobile and wireless networks.

With its intelligent and predictive routing capabilities, FlowAgility™ anticipates and mitigates many types of disruptions that might be caused by factors such as terrain, weather, interference, and more. Its distributed autonomous routing logic ensures uninterrupted communication, even in the face of unexpected challenges.

Elevate Your Network Intelligence

FlowAgility™ offers a proprietary suite of benefits tailored to your specific needs. Imagine preemptive routing that bypasses potential outages, or reliable connectivity during weather events and connectivity disruptions. Its redundancy feature combines available networks, enhancing availability and performance. This cutting-edge technology leverages SDN and temporospatial modeling, providing resilient routing paths for each unique data flow.

Seamless Connectivity and Optimized Data Flow for Mission-Critical Operations.


Enhance mission-critical communcations on the ground or in the air.


Guarantee uninterrupted communications for satellites and space missions.

Emergency Response

Improve citizen services by ensuring reliable communication when it matters most.


Maintain resilient communication for air traffic control, flight operations, and safety.


Robust connectivity and data transfer for research, education, and operations.


Ensure secure and uninterrupted data flow for critical financial transactions.